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Building Sustainability into

Corporate DNA

The Gree-NA Way

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The Gree-NA Way

DNA are the building blocks of all life on our planet: they are the instructions for the development, functioning, growth and reproduction of all known organisms, from the one cell life forms to the trillion cell life forms we call us.  Within this code sits the vital instructions for survival, which includes the protection of each other and our natural environment. 


Corporate DNA, which was first coined by Gareth Morgan in his 1997 book, Images of an Organization, defines an organizations DNA as their "visions, values, and sense of purpose that bind an organization together" to enable individuals to "understand and absorb the mission and challenge of the whole enterprise". 


Why did we develop the Gree-NA Way? Because we realised that most people in the private sector are eager to address the ecological footprint of their businesses or organisations but they don't know where to start. As well, it's a minefield of jargon that's confusing and off-putting,

The average business owner is plenty busy running their business and doesn't have the time to become an expert in understanding B Corp certification, or implementing the United Nations 17 Sustainability Goals, or becoming a FutureFit business, or what terms like 'carbon net zero', 'carbon positive', 'emissions offsetting', 'sustainability standards'... and so on, actually mean.


The private sector, made up of companies like yours, is now leading the way on sustainability - driven both by consumer and investor demand, as well as the desire to change for good. The reality though is that, despite the best intentions in the world, most business owners and managers have no idea where to start in the process of assessing and mitigating their company's environmental impact, nor how to prosper sustainably. 

That's where we come in. At Gree-NA, we guide businesses like yours through the process of setting and achieving sustainability goals, we do this through a six-step strategy that includes vision creation, education, evaluation, planning, implementation, measurement, re-evaluation and feedback. We do it at your pace, based on your business needs and priorities.

Are you ready to get started? Let's do this then...

We exist to help business' achieve sustainable prosperity