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A selection of our favourite sustainability tools for your information and inspiration.

Calculate your carbon footprint

Calculate your ecological footprint with this tool developed by the Global Footprint Network, which provides concrete tips and will show you where you can improve.

The Decade of Action movie

"This is the decade, we are the generation. Businesses need to save the planet if they want to save themselves."

The Decade of Action is a remarkable documentary on sustainability and why businesses need to go all-in if we want to achieve the climate goals, the SDGs and keep our world safe for our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. 

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Food for Thought

If your carbon footprint calculated in the questionnaire is more than you anticipated, just remember that it is difficult to do everything. Be kind to yourself, appreciate your current efforts, then find out which actions for mitigating climate change would work for you. Taking this measured and strategic approach is especially important to avoid falling into an ‘inevitable doom scenario’ and experiencing  apocalypse fatigue. Watch this TEDtalk by Espen Stoknes to learn what apocalypse fatigue is, and how to transform it into action on global warming.

Looking for more challenges? Have a look at the suggestions and tips related to the SDGs provided here.

UN’s Lazy person’s guide to saving the world provides you with 4 levels of actions to take, to contribute to the SDGs.

If you are searching for inspiration how to easily contribute to specific SDGs, this booklet with 170 daily actions is right choice for you. You can find ten easy to apply actions per SDG.

On this page you can find short engaging videos that provide suggestions on what actions to take per each SDG.

Are you a business owner or interested to learn what businesses can do to be a force for a positive change?  The SDG Compass provides key business actions per goal.

  • 10 Ways to reduce your plastic footprint

Additional learning materials Week 1

The SDG Compass guides companies into aligning their strategies as well as measuring and managing their contribution to the realization of the SDGs. It also contains a repository of business tools. This website is developed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

An overview of reports about the business opportunities of the SDGs from the Business and Sustainable Development Commission. The Better Business, Better World report shows how pursuing the global Goals could raise huge amounts of money – trillions of dollars – in new market opportunities and in ways that extend prosperity to all.

A tool to help you select your organization’s criteria; choose from impact, opportunity and territory for suggested activities. Find out what you can do to support this theme or SDG.

The SDG Tracker presents information and data on progress towards the Goals, taken from all available indicators. It uses official data from the UN and other international organizations. It was developed by Our World in Data, based at the University of Oxford.

In this book, Professor Rob van Tulder introduces a framework for making corporate strategies effective for sustainable development. It’s part of RSM’s series on Positive Change.

Use this tool to calculate your lifetime carbon budget, it was developed by The British climate website ‘Carbon Brief’ and Dr Ben Caldecott at the University of Oxford.

Curious about the link between ecology and business? RSM leads the ENABLE-consortium, which has developed 2 free online courses on the business approach to landscape restoration.

In this book, Willem Ferwerda introduces a framework for ecological restoration. It’s part of RSM’s series on Positive Change.

In this book, Professor Dirk Schoenmaker introduces you to the world of sustainable finance. It’s part of RSM’s series on Positive Change.

B Corporations are businesses that balance purpose, people, planet and profit/prosperity. Learn more about this type of company and the certification on this webpage.

This is a simulation game; your job is to investigate illegal fishing in Sierra Leone using the evidence given.