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Business can be a force for positive change in the world and how we can all contribute to the grand challenges of our time. 

We live in an ever changing and complex world facing multiple challenges. 

Millions live in poverty without access to basic necessities such as food, healthcare, clean water or electricity. 

On top of this, environmental challenges such as the loss of biodiversity, rising sea levels and climate change threaten life on our planet. 

Right now, these challenges might seem overwhelming and too complicated to solve. 

But business can make a positive impact and most importantly, what you can do to contribute. 

So where should we begin? 

Luckily, all 193 United Nations member states made a good start in 2015. Together, they agreed on an agenda to transform our world by 2030 and introduce the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, also commonly referred to as the SDGs

We can be. We must be. The first generation. To end extreme poverty. 

The generation. Most determined. To fight injustice. And inequalities. 

The generation that saves the planet from climate change. 

And this is how it will get done. 

The global goals. 

>> A 15 year plan. 

>> For everyone. 

>> Everywhere. 

>> With no one left behind. 

>> We will live in a world. 

>> Where nobody. 

>> Anywhere. 

>> Lives in a extreme poverty. 

>> Where no one. 

>> Goes hungry. 

>> Where no one. 

>> Wakes in the morning. 

>> Asking if there will be food today. 

>> We will live in a world where no child has to die from diseases, we know how to cure. 

>> And where proper healthcare. 

>> Is a lifelong right for us all. 

>> We will live in the world where everyone goes school. 

>> An education gives us the knowledge. 

>> And skills. 

>> For a fulfilling life. 

>> We all live in a world. 

>> Where all girls and all women have equal opportunities. 

>> To thrive. 

>> And be powerful. 

>> And safe. 

>> We cannot succeed if half the world is. 

>> We will live in a world. 

>> Where all people can get clean water. 

>> And proper toilets. 

>> At home, at school. 

At work. 

>> We will live in a world where there is sustainable energy for everyone. 

>> Heat. >> Light. 

>> And power for the whole planet. 

>> Without destroying the planet. 

>> We'll live in a world where economies prosper. 

>> And new wealth. 

>> Leads to decent jobs. 

>> For everyone. 

>> And we will live in a world. 

Where our industry. 

>> Our infrastructure. 

>> And our. 

>> Best innovations. 

>> Are not just used to make money but to make all our lives better. 

>> We will live in a world. 

>> Where prejudices and extremes of inequality are defeated. 

>> Inside our countries. 

>> And between different countries. 

>> Where people live in cities and communities. 

>> That are safe, progressive and support everyone who lives there. 

>> Where we replace. 

>> What we consume. 

>> Planet where we put back. 

>> What we take out of the earth. 

>> Live in a world that is decisively growing back. 

>> Climate change. 

>> Where we restore and protect the life in our oceans, and seas.

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Restore and protect. 

>> Life on land. 

>> Forests. 

>> Animals. 

>> The earth itself. 

>> With peace between and inside of countries. 

>> Where all governments are open. 

>> And answer to us for what they do at home and abroad. 

>> And justice rules. 

>> With everyone equal before the law.

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>> Where all countries and we, their people. 

>> Work together. 

>> In partnerships of all kinds. 

>> To make these noble goals a reality. 

>> For everyone, everywhere. 

>> These are the United Nations Global Goals. 

>> For sustainable development. 

>> Let's get to work. 

>> Let's make it happen.