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The seed for Gree-NA was planted in 2020 when friends and former colleagues, Erin Ewing and Tamara Pitelen decided to join forces to start a company that would be another voice in the growing call for us, as a species, to radically transform the way the human race exists so that our activities support, rather than harm, the planet

White Branch

Tamara Pitelen

"Doing business sustainably means doing better business, more prosperous business that restores our planet. The outdated 'business as usual' model is over. It been disastrous, let's do better."

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Erin Ewing

"I'm determined to help businesses see the climate challenges through the lens of opportunity. There is a great business case for sustainability."

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We exist to help your business 
achieve sustainable prosperity

Erin Ewing, co-founder, Gree-NA

* Masters of Business, London School of Economics

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"I am passionate about viewing the climate challenge through the lens of opportunity, this is the moment we make everything better."


Tamara Pitelen, co-founder, Gree-NA

* Business Sustainability Management, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Cambridge University

* Driving Business Towards Sustainable Development Goals, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Tamara comes to sustainable business consultancy after a diverse 25-year career in the media; from starting out as a newspaper journalist in New Zealand to running her own magazine publishing house in Dubai and producing the Middle East's first ever mind-body-spirit title, Awakenings Middle East. She brings extensive media experience in print and online publishing, as well as media project management. In the financial field, she was editor of a magazine for SMEs in the Middle East; editor of a wealth management and investment magazine for high-net worth individuals, as well as writer on an expat title of the Financial Times Group.

A natural entrepreneur, Tamara has launched many businesses for both fun and profit on the side, including a media services agency, a publishing house, a social networking enterprise, and a mobile yoga business.