‘Business emissions are the primary cause of climate change, therefore it stands to reason that business is uniquely responsible for solving it – it is an obligation."

Dr Ellonda L. Williams, Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, B Lab Global
(The Climate Justice Playbook for Business 2021)

Floor covering company learns from nature to bring positive change (Geanne van Arkel, Interface)

World's largest company of modular carpets, the Interface, is one such great example... Geanne Van Arkel.

In the energy sector, the development and explosive growth of renewable energies is offering great new business opportunities. 

For instance, in the Netherlands, the startup Vandebron developed a platform to connect end-customers with independent energy producers 

such as farmers with wind turbines, to allow them to buy the electricity directly without any utility company being involved. 

Firms are creating business models focusing on selling the use for a product rather than ownership for a product. 

This allows firms to make products that last and can be used again and again without new products being produced causing greenhouse gases. 

Bike sharing schemes have exploded worldwide, while companies such as Philips Lighting have created a business model whereby the customer pays for the service of light without owning the lighting.