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“Do we settle for the world as it is, or do we work for the world as it should be?”

Becoming Gree-NA

Becoming Gree-NA is how we embed these changes into the DNA of your organization, and you are truly on your journey to becoming a business of the future.  

Once all eight of the above steps are completed, you have transformed into the future fit business which you are meant to be. All of your current and future stakeholders can rest assured you are contributing to a prosperous and viable future for all.

You have not only become a future fit business, but you are also personally a good ancestor to the billions of other beautiful souls that will borrow this planet for a short time or longer time after us. Let’s make it one you can be proud of – leave your legacy.

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We are all on a journey of becoming who we are personally, and a big part of that is our professional lives.  We are constantly learning new skills, taking on new projects to prove to ourselves we can achieve things when we put our minds to it. We do not treat your ability to create a better world any different. 




Your transformation begins across your entire business. Acting on your public commitments to create a better world. 


All successful transformations are governed across the business, ensuring successful delivery and to specification


X of transformation programmes fail, due to lack of consistent maintenance. We give you the tools to ensure your programme delivers on time and specification


We exist to help businesses and organisations accelerate their transition to sustainability as the world realigns to a model of prosperity that protects and restores the planet we all live on.

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