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'Do no harm 2.0' Greener Matters is dedicated to a healthy and sustainable world for all living beings. Stepping beyond 'do no harm' to restoring the world from the harm already done.

The seed for Greener Matters was planted in 2020 when friends and former colleagues from the media world, Erin Ewing and Tamara Pitelen, talked about joining forces to start a company that would be another voice in the growing call for us, as a species, to radically transform the way we exist so that our activities support, rather than harm, the planet, and the other species that live alongside us.

We wanted to do it a little differently though. We want to address the global environmental challenges from a place of positive action and optimism - not from a place of panic or overwhelm at the size of the task ahead. We KNOW that a sustainable future is possible, is exciting and fulfilling. We come at it from a place of envisioning a future that provides abundance and prosperity for all.


Already, a huge wave of transformation is sweeping the globe. Businesses are responding to demands from customers and investors on disclosing their carbon impact figures and examining their supply chains for human rights and environmental abuses. Governments are bringing in more and more policy and legislation that requires all of us to do more to help support the planet we live on. The private sector has a huge role to play. As one of the three biggest drivers of our economies (along with government and the financial sector), the business world is on the verge of massive and profound transformation.


Some businesses are already well on the way. They're implementing sustainable initiatives, setting themselves emissions targets, and enjoying the boost this gives their business. Others are not there yet. Maybe they haven't seen the writing on the wall, or maybe they just don't have a clue where to start on switching to sustainable operations... that's why Greener Matters exists. Whether you've already begun but need help continuing, or whether you're at zero, we'll lead you through your transformation.

"Doing it for Mother Earth.

As a species, we've lost our way and we're sick and miserable for it. Finding our way back is through rebuilding our connections with the natural world and remembering we're part of it."

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"I passionately believe that we can solve the social and environmental challenges facing us today by envisioning the future we want and working together to create it."

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Tamara Pitelen

Erin Ewing

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To help accelerate the world's transition to a sustainable society in which individuals, communities, businesses and institutions all thrive within nature’s limits. 


To empower businesses to drive planet-friendly prosperity through the triple-bottom line of planet, people, profit.

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